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FORMET - Precyzyjna obróbka skrawaniem metalu » Dotacje UE


It is our utmost pleasure to inform, that in 2009 our company was granted the financial support from the Regional Operation Program of Silesian Region for 2007-2013 period, for realizing the following projects:


1. "Developing the production processes of PPU FORMET in Bielsko-Biała by improving the lathing processes."

2. "The development of PPU FORMET company in Bielsko-Biała by modernizing the production processes by purchasing a modern Die-Sinker EDM."


The positive realizing of the aforementioned projects allowed us for the quality change of the technological process of already made details, as well as enabling us to develop untypical details, which could only be able to create by using the modern machining instruments.


The unquestionable development of our company, consisting for ex. with a positive pass of the concourse mentioned above and the new ideas and the will of further development of our company has enabled us to apply once more for the means from the European Regional Funds within the Regional Operation Program of Silesian Region:


„Extending the production processes by purchasing modern electro-erosive, measuring and IT machines and system in order to develop new and improved service in and out of the Country”.


Right now we are during the process of realizing these goals and waiting for the results of the concourse.