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The companies that FORMET cooperates with have advanced quality systems, so in order to continue our work together, in 2005, we introduced to our company a Quality Management System, proper with ISO 9001 norms. In 2011 the existing system was updated to match the norms of ISO 9001.
A constantly developed system guarantees maintaining a high quality level of developed goods and services.

The main purpose of FORMET as a company is to deliver our clients the goods and services which would by any measure meet their requirements, so that their happiness would be our key to further development and building our reputation on the market.
And it’s because of this very fact that we are constantly rising the quality of our products and our competitiveness against other companies in building tools, instruments, non-standard details and metal machining services alike.
In order to guarantee our Quality Policy, we still maintain the ISO 9001 norms in our systems and promise to develop it further.

Our Quality Policy stands:

  • Maintaining a high level of happiness within our Clients by realizing orders on time and with the best possible quality,
  • Employing highly qualified staff and constantly helping them to develop their skills, quality knowledge, system orientation and their function within the company,
  • Cooperation only with reliable suppliers,
  • Shaping up the working environment and the infrastructure, especially in the area of quality.

The co-owners of the company would like to reassure that this Quality Policy is known, understood and restricted by all our workers and guarantee a suitable resources to make it happen.