Precision machining of metal - turning and CNC milling

Bielsko-Biała Śląsk

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We are specializing in the precise machining of metallic objects. Our company would like to offer following products:

  • tools;
  • dies;
  • punches;
  • instruments and holders for machining purposes;
  • machining tools;
  • forms;
  • tools for precise measuring and checking;
  • gauges for automotive, controlling and checking instruments;
  • non-typical details.

We are providing the following services:

  • conventional and CNC lathing;
  • conventional and CNC milling;
  • grinding the rollers, holes and surfaces;
  • heat machining;
  • electro erosive drilling;
  • welding of aluminum;
  • performing aluminium constructions;
  • repairs and renovations of the machines.

Furthermore, in order to extend the area of expertise of our company, we are offering complex electric works in production companies and halls.